Revlon Revived: Former Executive and Private Equity Acquiror Both Held Liable for Tainted Sale Process That Failed to Maximize Stockholder Benefits

In a recent post-trial opinion in In Re Mindbody, Inc., Stockholder Litigation, Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick of the Delaware Chancery Court gave new life to the Revlon enhanced scrutiny standard of review when she held that the former CEO of Mindbody, Inc. and its private equity acquiror were liable for orchestrating and failing to fully disclose what the court found to be a sweetheart deal that deprived stockholders of the benefit of a maximized purchase price.


A Delaware Corporate and M&A Checklist: 11 Cases That Every Practitioner Should Know

As regular readers know, this blog typically covers the latest developments and trends emerging from the Delaware Court of Chancery. For this post, however, we revisit first principles and remind our readers of the bedrock decisions of modern Delaware M&A practice, and highlight 11 key decisions with which every practitioner should be familiar. (more…)

Chancery Denies Corwin Cleansing In Light of Process Concerns

Last month Vice Chancellor Zurn issued a significant, 200+ page decision on a motion to dismiss filed by defendants in the ongoing Pattern Energy transaction litigation, captioned In re Pattern Energy Group Inc. Stockholders Litigation, C.A. No. 2020-0357-MTZ. As we previously reported, class actions had been filed in Chancery Court and Delaware Federal District Court following the $6.1 billion going-private sale of Pattern Energy Group, Inc. to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (“Canada Pension”). Both cases present overlapping breach of fiduciary duty claims. The Chancery Court case has moved forward faster, with that Court now issuing a decision denying defendants’ motion to dismiss. The decision is a reminder to directors and their advisers that without careful adherence to an independent sales process and transaction structure, directors risk losing the liability protections that Delaware law otherwise provides.